This time….United

Written on July 15, 2009 · Tags: , ,

Oh, oh I had a thought  - ! :-)): is it true  that it’s cool right now to complain about airlines - and air travel in general, isn’t it? Too many videos, articles around - and many of them are ironic/funny…..Here another one, this is excellent! A media storm from this story in US:... Read more

Beware of wifi costs

Written on February 7, 2009 · Tags: , ,

Expedia has researched costs of wifi connections considering an international hotel chain, a 2 stars and a 5 stars hotel, a retail chain and 10 airports around the world. Conclusion is that wifi is more expensive in Europe with Venice topping the rank with average cost of 7.4€ x hour, compared to an... Read more

What Zagat people think of airlines

Zagat has published results of survey among their members. For US domestic flights operated by large airlines, Continental was voted No. 1 in premium class while JetBlue took top honors for economy. Virgin America ranked 1 in premium class and Midwest for economy among midsized airlines. For international... Read more

Hasn’t your bag made it to destination? A good complaint letter.

Written on September 15, 2008 · Tags: , ,

Below a real letter written by my former colleague Chris to American Airlines. It’s a very good example how to claim a reimbursement for a delayed or lost bag: keep all receipts of items you had to buy; take note of all calls made to the airline; write down all the facts; be firm and polite (no... Read more