Train wins over plane

Written on February 28, 2009 · Tags: ,

After 2 months since the introduction of faster train between Milan and Rome, number of passengers by: * airplane = -2000 per day (-30%) * train = + 2300 per day (+32% of which +64% on first class). Italy is following pattern of other key European routes: between London and Paris 70% of passengers chooses... Read more

Best airlines awards

Conde’ Nast Traveller annual awards are one of my favourites, especially those related to spas in exotic places. This year number 1 of all travel categories was the new Six Senses hotel in Koh Samui: a friend of mine was there some months ago and he told me that it’s the top of luxury he... Read more

Lufthansa is the biggest in Europe

Lufthansa has boarded more than 54 millions of passengers during 2007, but Air France and Ryanair follow shortly. BA has lost 7% of passenger: the worst performance among all European airlines within the association of European airlines (AEA). Code Airline Passengers (millions) LH Lufthansa 54,1 AF Air... Read more