Landing in London or NY? Share a cab

Written on November 13, 2009 · Tags: , , , , , ,

Taxi² is a free service that enables you to recognise other travellers who are interested in saving half the cost of their taxi ride from London or NY airports to their final destination. The clever taxi² ticket provides you with everything you need to share a taxi: an easy way to find someone to share... Read more

Meeting mean business (not always, but help)

Written on November 6, 2009 · Tags:

US Travel Association has commissioned a study to evaluate the return on investment of business travel. According to their findings: “For every dollar invested in business travel, businesses experience an average $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in new profits”. Business travel in US... Read more

Painful air travelling times are expected

Written on March 26, 2009 · Tags: ,

Europe’s carriers are expected to lose US$1 billion in 2009. A forecast 2.9% fall in the continent’s GDP is expected to result in a drop in demand of 6.5%. Capacity cuts of 5.3% will not keep pace with the fall in demand, driving yields and profitability down. Source: IATA Worldwide traffic went... Read more

Train wins over plane

Written on February 28, 2009 · Tags: ,

After 2 months since the introduction of faster train between Milan and Rome, number of passengers by: * airplane = -2000 per day (-30%) * train = + 2300 per day (+32% of which +64% on first class). Italy is following pattern of other key European routes: between London and Paris 70% of passengers chooses... Read more

Ryanair boarded more passengers than Lufthansa

Written on February 26, 2009 · Tags: , , , , , , ,

For the first time ever in European aviation history, a low-fares carrier - Ryanair - ranks N° 1 for total number of boarded passengers! With 57.7 millions of passengers Ryanair overtakes Lufthansa that recorded 54.7 millions passengers during 2008. Alitalia had the worst performance with - 26% of passengers... Read more

Airlines awards for 2009

Written on February 1, 2009 · Tags: , , ,

Air Transport World, US monthly magazine covering the airline industry, has announced the 2009 winners, and….no, Singapore Airlines is not there! Airline of the year: Asiana Airlines. “Asiana, based in Seoul, South Korea, was recognized for its superb commitment to passenger safety and operational... Read more

Continental leaves SkyTeam and joins Star Alliance

Written on January 30, 2009 · Tags: , ,

Hurry up if you plan to redeem SkyTeam points for Continental flights: Regarding SkyTeam, Continental intends to end its participation in the Sky Team Alliance after the last scheduled flight on Oct. 24, 2009. We continue to work through the details of our planned exit from SkyTeam and entry into Star... Read more

Hudson River crash map

Written on January 16, 2009 · Tags:

See here the trajectory of the United plane crashed in the Hudson River. Flight duration was about 6 minutes. Apparently it’s second time in the aviation history that a plane lands on the water with no fatalities. Full story: NY Times  Read More →

Best airlines awards

Conde’ Nast Traveller annual awards are one of my favourites, especially those related to spas in exotic places. This year number 1 of all travel categories was the new Six Senses hotel in Koh Samui: a friend of mine was there some months ago and he told me that it’s the top of luxury he... Read more

New Alitalia

Written on December 31, 2008 · Tags: , ,

Yesterday it has been announced that new Alitalia will be live January 13rd. MilleMiglia points accumulated until now will be honored and Air One flights will be eligible in the new Alitalia loyalty program. In the meantime Alitalia is going to reduce the amount of miles earned for short international... Read more

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