Technology on the road - travel tips

Written on June 4, 2009 · Tags: , ,

Lonely Planet has produced some short videos for One World alliance with tips to improve travel experience. The video below has excellent tips if you’re an iPhone owner: 1 - you can avoid to bring with you the laptop if you have an iPhone and an USB stick; 2 - join a global wifi service to avoid... Read more

Beware of wifi costs

Written on February 7, 2009 · Tags: , ,

Expedia has researched costs of wifi connections considering an international hotel chain, a 2 stars and a 5 stars hotel, a retail chain and 10 airports around the world. Conclusion is that wifi is more expensive in Europe with Venice topping the rank with average cost of 7.4€ x hour, compared to an... Read more

Internet and wifi access at airports

Written on July 5, 2008 · Tags: , ,

Atlarge is a website that collects reviews and tips about web access at airports. You can post your own review of internet facilities, rate the airports and other users’ comments. Useful to read tips from travelers regarding spots to get wifi, free internet access at lounges and many many complains... Read more