Discover cool places around the world - Tell Me Where

Written on December 12, 2009 · Tags: , , ,

Tell Me Where is a web and iphone application that provides recommendations based on the tastes of your friends, and those with similar tastes. Already a success in France, it is ready to take its Urban Guide mix of social network and city guide to the rest of the world. The application not only knows... Read more

Landing in London or NY? Share a cab

Written on November 13, 2009 · Tags: , , , , , ,

Taxi¬≤ is a free service that enables you to recognise other travellers who are interested in saving half the cost of their taxi ride from London or NY airports to their final destination. The clever taxi¬≤ ticket provides you with everything you need to share a taxi: an easy way to find someone to share... Read more

Cool facebook and twitter app by Lufthansa

Written on November 1, 2009 · Tags: , ,

Love this app! Go to MySkyStatus site and enter your upcoming flight details and your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitters will get regular updates about your departure, altitude, location and arrival as you travel. It works for all airlines and it’s free. Bravo to Lufthansa: a real innovative... Read more

Cities guides: shopping

Written on May 27, 2009 · Tags: , ,

These shopping guides are done by Mpdclick, a consultant company for fashion and design industries. About a dozen cities covered with selection of best fashion stores and shopping neighborhoods.  Read More →

How to keep track of all your flights:

Written on January 21, 2009 · Tags: , ,

This site is for aviation enthusiasts who wants to keep record where and when they’ve flown. Register for free and start to input details of your flights: Flight Memory will produce detailed statistics with maps.  Read More →

Cities guides by easyJet

Written on November 25, 2008 · Tags: , ,

EasyJet publishes online some guides to their destination cities. They are updated frequently (bonus!). They cover transportation info from the airport to the city, good selection of restaurants and bars, seasonal events and some hints for “must to visit” areas and shopping. List of guides... Read more

349 cities guides for free

Written on October 4, 2008 · Tags: ,

Each guide is a 10-15 pages pdf packed with information about the destination. The travel guides are written by professional journalists and include information about cheap hotels with no booking fee, restaurants, sightseeing, free maps, cosy cafes, cool bars and clubs, sights, events, travel maps,... Read more

Access your PC without carrying it around

Written on May 27, 2008 · Tags: , ,

GoToMyPC is a clever tool: you can access your PC from anywhere meaning you do not need to bring your laptop with you while traveling. How does it work? 1) install the GoToMyPC software into your home or office PC and leave it switched on; 2) from any other computer log on to GoToMyPC site and you’ll... Read more