Stop the reclining seat in front of you!

Written on August 25, 2008 · Tags: , ,

Protect your knees from being hit by reclining seat in front of you thanks to the Knee Defender! I’m very curious to know how many people check behind them before reclining their seat or, at least, provide some advance notice before reclining. According to the popularity of this device, very... Read more

Extensive travel stuff catalogue from US TravelSmith

Written on May 5, 2008 · Tags: , , , , ,

Even if they do not accept online orders by non-US residents (only via fax), TravelSmith site is a good source of inspiration for items related to travel. It has a good selection of pack away bags - those foldaway bags to use for excess luggage on your way back - toiletry bags, and some rare to find... Read more

A great travel blanket

Written on November 1, 2007 · Tags: , ,

These guys have designed a blanket that’s ideal on a flight. Your feet stay   covered, your hands are free to move, it has an inflatable pillow and a convenient carry bag. What I really like is the foot pocket: keeping feet warm is sometime a challenge because size of one airline blanket is too... Read more