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sleep on plane 150x132 Best airlines awardsConde’ Nast Traveller annual awards are one of my favourites, especially those related to spas in exotic places. This year number 1 of all travel categories was the new Six Senses hotel in Koh Samui: a friend of mine was there some months ago and he told me that it’s the top of luxury he has ever seen (and this guy is a frequent guest of 5 stars hotels across the globe).

But let’s focus now on more relevant topic to TrolleyTips: the awards to airlines done by Traveller readers. Consider that this magazine is an UK one so scores for UK and Irish airlines could be impacted by nationality of the readers. I have also included last year results for comparison.

Here the awards for short flights done for leasure (not for business):

2008 2007
Swiss British Airways
British Airways British Midland
British Midland KLM
KLM Lufthansa
Finnair Swiss
Lufthansa Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus Air France
Air France SAS
SAS Alitalia
Virgin GB Airways

Swiss was considered the best for child-friendliness, convenience of scheduling and range of routes. For luggage handling best airline was KLM and for in-flight entertainment, Finnair. Alitalia is disappeared from the list as well as GB Airways (this one doesn’t exist anymore because bought by easyJet). Award to Virgin is likely related to Virgin Blue from Australian readers (?). And now the awards for long haul flights for leisure:

2008 2007
Singapore Airlines Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic Air New Zealand
British Airways Emirates
Emirates Singapore Airlines
Cathay Pacific British Airways
Air New Zealand Cathay Pacific
Qantas Qantas
Air France Thai Airways
Qatar Airways South African Air.
Lufthansa Quatar Airways

No surprise that Singapore Airlines tops No. 1 (reason: punctuality/efficiency), while Virgin Atlantic for the most comfortable lounge facilities and Emirates for the best value for money (or for the shower? see here). Qantas is best for sheduling.

There are also 2 other awards: low cost flights and business ones. In the first award easyJet ranks No. 1 especially for range of routes, child-friendliness and value for money. British Airways tops No. 1 for business flights because of in-flight entertainment and loyalty program. Have I told you that this is an UK magazine, haven’t I? :-)

See all the awards here.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Penso questo e molto figo…especially since Ces and I have just spent close to 30 hours in airports and airlines from Bankgok to Santo Domingo…. via Thai, LAX, AA etc.


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