Rynair calls on EU to reduce costs and fight flights booking sites

Industry news-data · October 15, 2008

Ryanair has written to the European Commission the following suggestions/complains:

  • despite oil prices have fallen by over 50% in recent months, yet many high fares airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa and Air Lingus have failed to reduce their unjustified fuel surcharges at all. Note: BA has reduced surcharges just few hours ago by just 5/10% instead of expected 40%;
  • investigate screenscrapers (softwares that copy data/content from Ryanair site thus offering Ryanair tickets in other sites). They mention as example Spanish site Rumbo.com that adds large hidden mark-ups to Ryanair fares. Last month they won in court against German site Vtours.de. always book a Ryanair flight in their own site!
  • promote a single EU air traffic management system that would significantly reduce annual cost and reduce delays and fuel consumption.

Their CEO also requests EU to reconsider its prohibition of Ryanair’s offer for Aer Lingus given the future merge of Alitalia with AirOne.


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