Hoteliers talk about guests, and it’s really funny!

Fun, Hotels, Travel Resources, Your Stories · November 7, 2009

hotel Hoteliers talk about guests, and its really funny!Thanks to this article on Times, I discovered this great group on Facebook, “You know you’ve worked in hotels when…” where hoteliers share stories about their guests. Some of the topics discussed: “Funniest thing you have ever seen, that no one would believe unless they worked in a hotel?” - “Dumbest question ever” - “Best Guest Names of All Time” -” What do people leave behind in hotel rooms?” - “What famous people have you served and were they as you expected to find them or totally different?”.  A very entertaining reading, highly recommended! Some of their hilarious stories:

“room 1209 calls down at 10:45 pm frantically asking if the gift shop is closed because he needs ‘protection’ ASAP!”

“It’s soooo nice of guests to call you at 3am (when reception closes at 10.30 pm and opens at 7am ) to tell you that they are now awake and no longer require thier 3.30am wake up call.”

The other day, I had a guest who couldn’t fit all of her CLOTHES into her gigantic closet. So she paid for a second room for her CLOTHES!!!! Yep. $250, to hang stuff up. For a 4-night stay.”

“There was this guy who came with his wife and 2 kids and the ended up sleeping in their car, because apparently there was a ghost in their room…uuups sir I am sorry I forgot to metioned that the hotel is haunted!!!”

“we had a well known celeb staying with us who had a string of ladies in and out of his room all night at one point 2 of them came to reception wearing just there underwear they had got locked out and he had fallen asleep and wouldnt answer the door , we had to let them have an ajoining room for the night and we put the cost on his bill he didnt even ask us what it was for ?”

“While working at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, a guest walked up to me and asked, “What time is the three o’clock parade?”

“I have been asked where is the Power button on the remote.”

“Today we had a guest complain at check out and she wanted a refund for her stay. She was mad because her computer got a virus or some sort of spyware on it. It was our fault because one of our amenities is free internet.”


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