Cabin luggage - my recommended trolley

Luggage, Travel Items · March 4, 2008

mandarina trolley Cabin luggage   my recommended trolley“Mandarina Duck Isi” trolley is my unique companion since 80-100 flights.
It fulfills all golden rules to select a trolley: it’s very light, smaller than approved cabin sizes, soft material and I carry it around using only one finger.
It is 40 X 51.5 X 19.5 cm and capacity is 40 lt.
I’ve done an experiment trying to fit exactly the same stuff into a trolley that is bigger than this one and the Mandarina Duck won the challenge.
In airports I’ve met other people with the same trolley and all of them were enthusiasts.
The only little downside is the noisy wheels: why don’t they develop silicone wheels or any material that makes wheels silent. They can even consider replaceable wheels if noise free ones will deteriorate after a while.
It costs about 150 euros/130 pounds in the Mandarina Duck Online Shop - they ship everywhere. Or you can find a store here.


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