Air sickness bags

Fun · July 20, 2008

panam sick bag 150x150 Air sickness bagsBarf bags, Airsickness bags, Waste bags, Vomit bags, Disposable bags, Happy bags (as named by planes’ crews) have their own estimators and collectors.
“One can tell a lot about an airline’s image from their Air Sickness Bags. Some barf bags are no more than a baggie with a twist tie, while other sickbags could win international design competitions.” (Steven J. Silberberg, Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum).

Do you want to see some of them? Here some links to collectors’ sites:
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum
Kelly’s World of Airsickness Bags
Sickbag collection
Sacs à bord(French)

Air Sickness Bags Appreciation Society Facebook Group

finnaviation1996 152x300 Air sickness bagsasiana bag 156x300 Air sickness bagsairegypt 151x300 Air sickness bags


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